5 Reasons Why Do Drummers Wear Headphones When They Play?

When a drummer starts his practice, they are usually already thinking about the upcoming performance, they are likely to turn up the volume and listen to a lot of loud music. The reason for this is because it makes their mind clearer.

This helps them in tuning into the beat and facilitating his rhythm on the drum set with less effort. However, not all sound technicians are familiar with head phones so they need to find out if it offers any disadvantages to them or if they have limitations when using headphones.

There are many reasons why drummers use headphones

5 Reasons Why Do Drummers Wear Headphones on Stage

Drummers have always been known as the crazy people with headphones. However, when one looks at why they wear headphones, one can see that they are actually doing it for a good reason. Here are 7 reasons why drummers should wear headphones when playing:

1. Improves their ability to play the drums

Drummers wear headphones to improve their ability to play the drums. They are not only used as entertainment while they are playing but also as a form of protection from the sound pressure when they are playing.

Drumming is a physical activity that can be quite taxing on the body and ears. These headphones allow drummers to focus on their music without worrying about breaking concentration by hearing that sound pressure.

2. Allows their to hear a metronome and have more control over it

Rhythm is the cornerstone of any song & a small mistake in timing by the drummers has huge implications on how well each song sounds. If rhythm is off, then everyone’s performance will be off as well. Drummers typically have a click track at their concerts to ensure that the timing is accurate. With this, they can just incorporate a metronome because it just simply loops the same sound at a certain pace.

The tempo of the live performance matches the studio recordings because they are both using a consistent click track. Singers use steppers to keep the rhythm in their performances. The popularity of these devices has increased during recent years, with about 90% of artists now using them.

Headphone helps the drummer to hear the clicks. It does not pick up any noise from outside and because of this, it makes practices much quieter for listeners in the audience. In certain cases, the whole band has click tracks in their headphones to ensure that they are all playing the same thing.

3. To Protect Their Ears

Drummers often experience ear trauma and hearing loss due to the loud noise of the drums they play. This is why they wear headphones to protect their ears and prevent further damage.

The use of headphones by drummers has evolved over time. The earliest version was simple white foam pads that were held in place with a bandana to cover the ears. Innovations over time have transformed these simple foam pads into modern-day headphones that provide maximum protection for the ear drums, including custom-fitted ones designed for specific drumsets or drum sizes.

Using headphones can increase the volume of your drumming experience by 20db. This reduces adverse impacts to their hearing and helps you stay focused & enjoy long hours of playing without any noise distraction.

4. Hearing the Other Musicians on Stage

Drummers play an essential role in a band, and they need to be able to listen and respond to the other musicians on stage. When they put on headphones, they can hear everything that is going on while still being able to monitor their own performance.

Many drummers wear headphones when playing live, but not everyone does. The decision of whether or not drummers should use headphones must be made for each band or musician individually.

One of the main reasons why drummers need to use them is because it allows them to hear the other musicians better and make better decisions about how the song should progress. A headphone gives a drummer much more control over their sound than when they are listening with just their ears alone.

5. For Better Recording Sessions

If a drummer wears headphones during a recording session, they can create better audio quality. Not only that, they can also more easily record in different tempos and volumes.

Drummers and producers have long been wary of the danger of sounding too loud or having their sounds bleed into other recordings. Wearing headphones over their regular headphones helps to control the volume and avoid those issues.

The use of headphones for recording sessions has become more popular in recent years because it’s easier to hear what’s going on with your part over someone else’s playing when you are separated from them by music equipment. There are also some companies that offer custom made headphone designs for musicians who want to record with their own gear and sound best on their own music.

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Tips on How to Keep Your Hearing Safe While Drumming

Drumming is a common musical instrument and has been played by many people for thousands of years. With the increasing popularity of drumming, drummers are now facing the problem of hearing loss. The following are some tips on how to protect your hearing while drumming.

#1 – Keep your ears clear and clean by wiping them with a clean cloth before every practice session.

#2 – Make sure that you have good sound protection equipment such as earplugs, earmuffs, or headphones with good noise cancellation features when practicing in loud environments or at concerts.

#3 – Watch what you listen to while practicing; avoid playing music that is too loud or contains lyrics that are too high-pitched for your ears to handle. In addition, avoid listening to music with a tempo or energy level of more than 110 beats per minute.


Drummers wear headphones to improve their sound quality and protect their ears. They can also use headphones to monitor the sound of their own playing, which can help them to improve their performance. Headphones can also be helpful for drummers who are trying to learn new songs or practice difficult sections of songs. Lastly, headphones can be used to create a personal headphone mix that allows the drummer to control the levels of different instruments in the mix.

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