Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Review 2022

If you have been looking for a budget and beginner friendly guitar, you surely have come across the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic guitar. The Seagull S6 is the most well-known Seagull instrument up to this date. That is due to its superior and classic build, clean feel and finish which come at a reasonable cost.

Even if the Seagull S6 is not the cheapest entry level guitar in the market, it definitely deserves a lot of praises for the reasons we are going to discuss in this review.

Design of Seagull S6

At the initial look, you won’t really find the Seagull S6 special. It doesn’t come with a cut away design, no fancy inlay, and it just looks like a traditional acoustic guitar. So, how come this one has been very popular?

To answer the question, the entire instrument shouts quality you’ll never find in other entry level guitars. And the materials making up this masterpiece greatly contributes to the quality of this guitar. Instead of the usual spruce top lamination you’ll see on common entry level guitars, you will find a solid cedar top which contributes greatly on how good this guitar sounds.

The thing that makes cedar better than the traditional spruce top is that it has a vast tonal qualities and it makes the guitar better for fingerpicking. Additionally, the sides and back of the Seagull S6 are made out of Canadian Wild Cherry while the fretboard uses the typical rosewood, which is quite standard for most guitars.

The S6 also plays as the exact example of how small parts such as the saddle and nut can make a big difference in terms of playability and the sound of the guitar.

As for the neck, it feels a bit thick on my hands but I was able to get along with it quickly without difficulty. And the headstock is differently small than most entry level guitars for a specific reason, as what Seagull claims. According to their theory, when the tuners are in line, the guitar improves its tuning stability—which I also agree.

Lastly, the S6 has two versions: the acoustic and acoustic-electric. Although it is cheaper buy just the acoustic, investing in the acoustic-electric version can be very worthy for your cash. It includes bass, treble control and volume, and it also features an on board tuner too.

How Does It Sound?

Aside from the looks, the Seagull produces an excellent sound—and it only improves with time. I was extremely pleased by its rich, clean sound with a bright tone. The sound can also be strummed loud enough if you play with your hands near the guitar hole.

However, because of the bright sound it makes, the Seagull S6 doesn’t have much bass into it. But since appreciation of sound varies from people to people, some people will still love it—while I don’t since I love deep and rich bluesy tones.

Aside from producing a great sound quality, it feels smooth and comfortable to play and the machine tuning pegs including the whole set up assures anyone to only give the best live performance without worrying it will go out of tune anytime. Honestly speaking, this feels like it is one of those high end guitars with premium quality.

What Are The Cons of this Guitar?

Although one of the features of this guitar is the cedar top, I would say that this wood is soft and somehow prone to pick scratches. However, that is not much of a big deal since this guitar is for playing, not for displaying.

As I have said, the neck is a bit thicker and the semi-glossy finish results to a lesser natural feel of the wood material. Sometimes, the glossy coating also makes the git sweaty, which can be a little annoying for some.

Nevertheless, I still love how this guitar is built. It offers so much more than the price I have paid.


Overall, even if this is a mid-range acoustic guitar, it makes me feel like I am playing a premium guitar. The superb craftsmanship, and amazing overall performance, it is no wonder that it has won several awards through the years.

This beauty hides a beast inside because of its extreme features that will allow you to play with ease while producing an amazing sound. I feel contented and impressed of its great volume, excellent finish and reasonable price.

If you’re still not convinced by this reviewing article about the Seagull S6, try to research more about it and see how special this classic beauty is. I highly suggest that if you have much cash for this, take it. And you’re perception about how entry level guitars should be, will greatly change.

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