Top 40 Online Vinyl Record Stores That You Can’t Miss

Vinyl records came back for good, even when they remain as an older format, new technologies allow making extra-heavy records that are more durable and have a higher quality. This is the reason for many artists from all over the world have been rewriting their old albums in this new tech. 

Alongside with that, the vintage fashion and new born love for the good traditional vinyl records and players gave this format a new space in the market where collectors and enthusiasts can enjoy of the new and the old at the same time. 

In this article, we summarized the best 40 vinyl record stores available worldwide to help you ensure a great and high-quality collection and ease your way towards that rare album you’d love to own.  

So let’s get to it! 

Top 40 Online Vinyl Record Stores

1. Discogs

This is a blog that fits all tastes, but its main attraction for music lovers like you is that you will find tons of new music in here.  

It has a huge database of artist collaborators and more in almost any gender and style available.  

Here you can buy vinyl from a large stock, listen to new styles and get some inspiration or even promote yourself by joining the community which makes it an awesome site for upcoming musicians.  

This site is also available in Spanish.

2. Vinyl Me Please

Have you thought about joining a music club where you can buy your vinyl records or just listen to new music? Then this might just be the place for you. 

This site works as a magazine and record store, with news about its members and the world of professional musicians, but it also counts with an online club, which can give you exclusive information and music that you couldn’t find so easily otherwise.  

It is mostly focused on classic rock and alternative, but you can count on getting some good info about anything from jazz to grind core metal.

3. The Vinyl Factory

If you are a vinyl lover this is a place you should consider visiting. More than just a music blog, here you will find awesome news and information in the world of music. 

It is also the site of the major pressing plant in London which has a unique and well-known label that works side by side with artists and organization worldwide and a nice place for events and recording and practicing services. 

If you are looking to be a vinyl record collector, this is a nice place to start searching.

4. Amoeba

This site is the place of a huge record store and record label located in California, here you will find and be able to buy and/or trade all kinds of music in any given format (Vinyl, Cassette, CD-R, MP3) of any style and gender including blues, jazz, and experimental music.  

Its main principle is to keep the music free, being home to thousands of independent musicians and listeners online.  

The site, along with the news and blog, is meant for you to reach them from all over the world. So if you have music that you are searching for, want to get something new, want to give something new to the community or just get some good blues movie you never saw before, just log in!

5. Phonica Records

Along with an awesome blog which is always updated with the latest info about vinyl and alternative music, Phonica offers a huge music store where you can find tons of titles of any style of alternative you can search for. 

They focus most of their information on the techno and house styles, but you can find records and titles of pop-rock, reggae, indie and more.  

They also count with an online store for props and decorative items that you can add to your cart.

6. Vinylicious Records

This site is home to a vinyl record store located in Singapore, it counts with an awesome and well-researched news section which separates vinyl news, music news and the news about events.  

They do have a huge and constantly changing stock which you can access with different buying methods like auctions and pre-sell of the new coming albums.   

This is an excellent place to buy your records, stay updated with news of the music world, and definitely a blog that is worth the subscription.

7. Denovali

Here you can jump off to three main sites.  

Denovali is an online music store where you can download the music you like from their library, which by the way counts with an awesome selection, especially for those who love to get new music.  

The second site is an online record store where you can buy vinyl from a nice selection of titles, mainly focused on new and labeled artists. And the third site is home to the Denovali event. There you will find information on the event’s specs, dates, guests and more.

8. Juno

There are plenty of sites selling instruments out there, but this one has something uncommon, it is focused on DJ’s. Here you will find all the equipment needed for DJ players and Studio recording sessions, everything related to sound quality, from mixers and turntables to drum machines and interfaces.  

They also count with a nice music store that offers one of the most detailed libraries of vinyl records on the deep world of electronic music style.

9. Waterloo Records

A slightly nationalist US online music store, which counts with its own Texas and Country music categories for you to search deeply in those styles.  

Alongside with records, you can buy props, clothes, gears, and turntables from the store. 

They also count with an event’s news section, where you can find information about incoming events managed by them.

10. Rush Hour

Rush Hour is an awesome vinyl record seller and label which counts with a nice background when it comes to parties and events.  

In this site you will find a complete library of CD’s and vinyl, used and new for you to acquire as well as information on new and past events.  

This is a cool site to visit and a record label to consider if you are beginning your journey into the world of music.

11. Dusty Groove

This is an all-around music store where you will find CDs and Vinyl in all classic styles. You will enjoy a huge collection that goes through the years, countries and genders from soul and funk to Brazilian and French music.  

Their store also counts with a library of music-related books, magazines, fashionable, turntable and supplies. 

And that is not all. The site also has a music blog that is useful for inspiration and news, especially for musicians who are looking to twist their styles.

12. Vvinyl

Are you in love with indie music? Then this is the perfect blog for you. Here you will find the latest indie music news along with well music news, and a store focused on indie classics and new releases.  

You will also find a lot under the categories of metal, punk, rock, progressive and alternative rock music in vinyl, CD-R, DVD and Blu-ray format.  

So check out their indie exclusives and find out what else this great store has for you.

13. Sound Stage Direct

SoundStage Direct is a place for professional musicians to acquire and trade equipment, for new musicians and music lover to buy records and for all of the above to get some interesting music newsletter via email.  

Here you will find all the equipment you need to record your music, speakers, amps, record cleaners, accessories, turntables and more in their equipment index.  

They also count with an excellent vinyl record and CD music store with a nice collection that fits almost any style.

14. Reckless

There is always new music out there, and most musicians don’t just settle for it to come to them. In this particular site, they dedicate to search, buy and sell CD’s and vinyl of all styles, they also offer a nice stock of video games and DVDs that will ensure entertainment to any music lover.  

If you are into discovering new music, buying old valuable vinyl records or playing this is a place you should visit.

15. Record Pusher

Record Pusher is a physical and online store with a huge variety of things to buy. You can check their categories for the 4 types of vinyl, merchandise such as music and movie posters, mugs and books, music equipment such as turntables and of course, music.  

They have over 15 categories in their music section for you to search new styles. Along with their awesome vinyl record stock, this site also has an excellent blog with valuable information about the world of music.

16. Music Stack

This is an online vinyl record store and marketplace. What makes it different from the others?  

Well, on this site they didn’t just dedicate to search by themselves and get a vinyl library, they actually got associated with more than 1000 record sellers from around the world to create a HUGE library of new and used records for you to dive in.  

So, let me advise you to not skip this site, as you could find just that awesome old record you so dreamed to add to your collection right here! 

17. Insound

Looks like another vinyl record store. But here you will find a really diverse collection, and its main attraction is the fact that they drop their prices on specific products every day. If you are just aware, you could get a really good price on a highly valuable vinyl or CD that you love. 

Make sure to visit their “promotions” section or just subscribe to the site to keep yourself updated. 

18. Shake It Records

ShakeIt is a record label and store, and a cool place to buy your vinyl or record your music. They are well-known in the world of rock and deeper metal music and have the support of a nice background in the area.  

You can check their online store to get some music, props, fashionable and equipment. They also buy and sell used music devices and pieces such as turntables, stereo, needles and more.

19. Srcvinyl

If you have an all-around turntable you will probably love this site. Here they sell all music formats, so if your turntable can play a cassette, CD-R, MP3, and Vinyl format, you can have a good time buying music here.  

This place is exclusive for the owners of this devices, includes accessories and exclusive sells and you will receive your whole package wherever you are as they have a worldwide shipping coverage.

20. Real Groovy

One of the first and probably the biggest vinyl record store in New Zealand, its site is a well-organized and huge store to search for music, records, books, DVD’s, merchandise and accessories to take good care of your collection.  

If you are in Europe this is a good option to be your first-to-look music store. They also offer free shipping on orders of more than 50$ inside the country

21. Cd and Lp

Here we have a massive collection of music that is just one click away from you. In this site, you will find over 15 million of vinyl records and CD’s connected to you from stores and collectors worldwide. 

You will also find an open community where you can ask for what you are searching for, get advice about deals you find or even just chat with people who share your interests.  

You can join and chat with people from all around the globe and share knowledge and experience in 5 different languages, making it a nice place for new music collectors and musicians to learn about this world. 

22. Repressed Records

Time for the Australians to show up, Repressed Records is a physical record store located in Sydney with over 13 years of experience in this area.  

In their site, you will find two main blogs written by their professional musicians Chris and Nic who will offer different points of view according to their styles on the new records that step up every season.  

Besides the music blogs, you can check out their store for a good stock of vinyl and CD music and fashionable. They also count with a media section where you will find videos, pictures, and news about their latest recording work.

23. Sound It Out Records

Sound It Out is an old record store from the UK. They have a huge library CD’s, Cassette and Vinyl to offer, organized by genre or artist that goes from classic rock to newest metal and everything in between, a nice DVD collection and a set of magazines and books that can be of interest to all kind of musicians.  

Their store also counts with an apparel section where you can find props such as bags and shirts.

24. Toad Hall Online

This site offers a different kind of service. They dedicate to create a stock by buying and selling collection items, essentially vinyl records, and comics.  

If you search in their “what we buy” section, you can check if you have something they are interested in. If you are a buyer, you can get some awesome offers like 30 comics for 30$ and such.  

This is a good place to look for as a music lover and collector.  

Toad Hall also manages and prepares music-related events, take a look and find out if there is something up to your taste.

25. The Mixtape Shop

This store physically located in New York offers a wide collection of vinyl records that goes from techno and house to soul, funk jazz and more style compilations for you to enjoy.  

Their main feature is selling mix tapes and records prepared in their archive to give specific feelings and environments.  

It is a nice place to look if you’d like to get some classic but unconventional vinyl.

26. Record Store

Record Store covers all styles from around the world, making it a rare thing to find. Here you will find basically anything, their vinyl stock goes from soft rock from the 60’s to anime OST like Ghost in the Shell.  

They also work as a record label, and you can search their libraries for artists, signed, recommended or just by genre.

27. Vinyl Tap

This is a site with its own discography, place, and stuff. They offer a wide range of new and used vinyl in the UK but that is not all.  

They work as a record label, manage events and even offer colored vinyl, from 70’s fashion to picture added discs to make your collection grow and look cooler at the same time.

28. The-Record-Collector

The Record Collector is an old fashioned store located in Bordentown, New Jersey. It’s been open for more than 25 years and offers a reliable collection of music for you to search in, they work with all formats, from vinyl LP to mp3 browsed music making them the ideal local store to have nearby.  

In this site, you can browse some music online, keep yourself informed on their music news and events or buy records from anywhere in the world.

29. Vinyl Count Down

This is a cool and trend-aware record store, here you can buy and sell all kind of music formats, but what makes them great is the fact that you will always find something trending early. 

They do not stay in the past or dedicate to only uncommon music, here you will find vinyl, CD’s and Props on new and cool music as well as those great oldies and faster than in most places. 

30. Rare Records

Rare Records is another recommended all-around music store. Here you can find all kind of rare items to help you in your quest of being a music collector.  

You can buy CD’s, DVD’s, Magazines, Audio tapes, Vinyl, Books, posters, autographed items, clothes, tour programs and more from this store by just searching their directory and library with your favorite band.

31. Vinyl Solution

With over 25 million records in stock, in this store, you will find the most bizarre and rare collection of vinyl from the sites we searched this far.  

They actually keep a special place in their site for rare and precious items which includes posters, movies, vinyl records, and discs.  

If you are into having something that literally nobody else has and good quality music, you can’t miss this place.

32. Discrepancy-Records

Along with a nice music and news blog, and a great record store, this site offers a wide range of discs, vinyl and browse able music.  

If you want to get into their offers, you can check their main categories which are trending, featured and new arrival records.  

They also make good offers for bundle buyers in specific bands all the time making them a good ally when looking to complete a band’s discography.

33. Mr Vinyl

Mr. Vinyl is a more standard vinyl shop. Differently, from the others, they do dedicate to only sell vinyl, you can access their shop by genre, price or product type/quality which is helpful when searching for items with certain quality standards.  

These guys are experts and have very good policies to ensure that their stock has been qualified accurately.  

So, even when it has reduced options when it comes to formats, this is a nice and trustworthy place to search for cool vinyl records. 

34. Northern Volume

Most of the sites we have reviewed this far are overall music stores, that changes here. If you are a huge rock or jazz fan, this is the place you want to use in your search for music.  

Their stock is mainly focused on rock and jazz, but they still cover other styles. They work with all formats and offer accessories to maintain your vinyl and CD’s as well.  

You can search your jazz and rock records by decade or style, from classical to HR or metal with guaranteed quality and diversity.

35. Snow Records

This site is home for those fans of the Japanese culture and music. Here you will find tons of music from around the world, but as they are located in Osaka, they count with a huge collection of vinyl records that go from Johnny Cash to Astroboy’s soundtrack list.  

Japanese culture is well-known for being organized and disciplined, well you can certify that by checking out their maintenance and shipping process which guarantees to keep their vinyl records quality. 

36. Record Sale

Record Sale is an online vinyl record store with a nice collection, its reason to be here is that they focus on classic records. It is not actually a policy, they just do, but this makes them a really good place to look for a David Bowie or Alice in Chains vinyl to save you some research in the huge libraries from other sites. 

37. Toolbox Records

It isn’t rare to hear about France in the world of music, especially when it comes to electronic and alike. In this site you will see a nice stock of vinyl records, mainly focused on electronic music.  

The coolest part is that you can check all the music before buying and also set a playlist to listen while you are on their site.  

The company also works with events and parties all around France. You can check their schedule in the “agenda” section of the website and buy records, DVD’s, books and more from the store.

38. Vinyl Express

This is a sole vinyl record store for pro collectors, its service is based on trust, they accept and guarantee online payments, ensure quality and count with a really friendly pre and post purchase customer service. 

On this site, the records are separated only by gender so you might have to go deeper and make a nice search to find what you are looking for.

39. Music Zone

Music Zone is your local record store in Ireland. Located in Douglas Cork, they offer a huge CD and Vinyl collection that you can search from A to Z or by gender.  

In their site, you can check the blog to get some news on the world of music, specifically new album reviews and releases and artists interviews.  

They also count with a video section with content about the store where you can see how they work and some happy customers.

40. Vinyl Record Fair

Local vinyl record store for Vancouver, this site is quite simple but they have a great collection and stores that back them up.  

Here you can find out information about the events they organize, where to buy vinyl records, a guide on how to price your own vinyl and of course the online store for Canada. 

They work through earnings and donations so this site has still space to grow but is definitely worth a look if you are searching for a specific title.


There are too many more sites out there for you to find those vinyl records you are looking for, but these ones are those we found more interesting and reliable to find any kind of music open to any style you may have.  

In them, you will enjoy pieces you never thought you would listen to in your life, find songs that might be inspirational for you as a musician or enthusiast, and why not, get yourself some cool vinyl pieces to your collection.

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