7 Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar for Beginners 2022

The left handed guitar is a type of acoustic guitar which is usually tuned in the opposite way that the standard guitar, the bottom E string on a left handed guitar is tuned to an A instead of a D.

The most important things to keep in mind when you are buying a left-handed acoustic guitar are the materials used, the number of strings, and the overall design.

One of the best left-handed acoustic guitar for beginners is the Yamaha FG820. The guitar has a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard. It also has a cutaway body design which makes it easy for beginners to reach every tonal option available.

Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

1. Sawtooth Left-Handed Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar

Sawtooth guitars are designed to be the most comfortable and authentic acoustic guitar for left-handed players, with the same quality materials and craftsmanship you would expect from any other Sawtooth guitar. Sawtooth Left-Handed Acoustic Dreadnought Guitars are great for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, whether your style is rock, folk, blues, country or jazz.

The guitar features a spruce top with mahogany back and sides for fuller and more resonant sound, a traditional teardrop pickguard with an original graphic, a smooth fretboard made from rosewood, chrome hardware and a rosewood bridge.

2. Fender CC-60S Left-Handed Concert Size

Fender CC-60S is a concert-sized body that is perfect for beginner players or those who prefer smaller guitars. Made with a comfortable and compact body, the Fender CC-60S will make your practice sessions that much more enjoyable. Its smaller size also makes it easier to transport and store in any case.

The Fender CC-60S solid spruce top with laminated mahogany back and sides gives you a new experience when playing. With its slim and lightweight design, it allows for easy holding with its comfortable neck profile, and beautiful looks that makes it suitable for performances as well.

This guitar has a mahogany neck with an easy-to-play shape, and it has a walnut fingerboard with a rosewood fretboard. CC-60S is perfect for any player who wants to play blues, jazz, country, and other styles that are often played on acoustic guitars.

3. Donner Left Handed Acoustic Guitar Kit for Beginner

This Donner acoustic guitar set is a perfect option for those who are fresh to playing the guitar and need a cost-effective way to get started. It includes accessories like picks, strings, cables, tuners, and more. With this option you can save time on buying additional accessories as it’s already included in the kit.

The Donner Guitar is a well-made, high quality guitar made by a brand that is known for their top quality craftsmanship with a spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides with scalloped X bracing.

Donner guitars are known for their warm and balanced tone. They have a spruce top mahogany body that gives a richer and brighter sound than the typical solid mahogany. I’ve had the pleasure of playing a few Donner guitars myself and I can say that they are always great to play on. The feel is always comfortable, the sound is clear, and the manufacturing quality is unmatched.

Designed for left-handed players. This acoustic guitar features a smooth fretboard and a C shaped neck profile, making it perfect for sliding up and down the fretboard without scratching your fingers and giving you utmost comfort when playing.

4. Yamaha FG820 Left-Handed Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

The FG series of guitars have been from Yamaha since 1966, and have proven to be great in terms of build quality & tonality. This made the FG series of guitars a popular choice for pro and amateur players alike.

Yamaha FG800-series is one of the top brands of left-handed guitars available in the market. It has louder sound and stronger low to mid range frequencies.

Yamaha FG820 has a Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The guitar has a cutaway shoulder for easy access to the upper frets.

The diecast tuners on the FG820 are durable, lightweight, easy to tune and offer precise tuning adjustment. They make it easier for players with low dexterity in their hands to play the instrument more comfortably as well as provide a better level of sound quality.

5. Rogue RG-624

The RG-624 offers its own distinct features with a really affordable price. If you’re looking for the best left-handed acoustic guitar for beginners, but still want to be thrifty, the RG-624 is your answer.

Made with spruce top, nato neck, inlaid body-binding, bound rosewood fretboard, diecast tuners and mother-of-pearl inlay, this RG624 is ready to be your tuner of choice. With Martin strings & premium finish on the front and back for a long lasting construction.

The Rogue RG-624 Acoustic Guitar comes outfitted with die-cast tuners that make it easy to tune your guitar in a snap. With this product on the market, aspiring acoustic guitar players can feel confident about their playing because of its durability and quality material construction.

6. Martin LX1

The acoustic guitar has electric capabilities, meaning it is compatible with an amplifier. The design of the guitar incorporates a sitka spruce top and a mahogany back and sides. Having a vintage Martin guitar made with quality woods adds a deep, rich & warm sound to music which makes it even more special. It’s not overly heavy or loud which gives your tone more range and clarity.

LX1 is a traveling-friendly and simply mahogany-top acoustic. It’s ideal for students, practice, or playing in the house. This one comes in an attractive satin finish.

7. Vangoa Left Handed Acoustic Electric Guitar

This acoustic electric guitar’s X-brace construction produces a warmer sound with better conductivity & resonance. It also offers a longer sustain which is great for live playing!

Full-size dreadnought body with a larger sound box, make it best for players of all levels. You can amplify your sound by using an acoustic amp, mixer, PA system, or record your sound with an audio interface.

This guitar has a built in truss rod that allows you to adjust the string tension to keep the neck straight with ease. The ergonomic features also make it easier for left handers to access all of the higher frets.

7 Factors to Consider when Buying a Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

1. Your Needs

If you are a professional musician, you will have to buy an acoustic guitar that can easily endure the rigors of constant practice. These guitars should be able to withstand the weight of being constantly banged around and should be able to produce a good sound.

If you are buying an acoustic guitar as a present for someone else, then you need to consider their music preference and the level of experience they have with the instrument.

2. Size

Most left-handed guitarists prefer a full-size guitar, but that’s not the only option. A few smaller models are also available.

The strings on a left-handed guitar are fitted on the opposite side of the fretboard, so it’s important to choose a body that has an appropriate depth so the guitar can be played comfortably and have sufficient room for fretting hand movement.

3. Material

If you are buying a new acoustic guitar, a good place to start is to think about the type of wood used to make the guitar.

The most popular types of wood used in acoustic guitars are spruce, mahogany, maple, and rosewood. Of those four options, rosewood is the most expensive, followed by maple.

If you are looking for an inexpensive acoustic guitar, one option is to consider buying a laminate. These guitars can be customized and don’t require much in terms of maintenance.

4. Number of Frets

More frets generally means more versatility. A 24-fret guitar is likely going to be able to provide a greater tonal range than a 21-fret guitar. The same principle applies for other numbers of frets.

5. Strings

Strings are an important factor when buying a left-handed guitar for beginners. Acoustic guitars usually have thinner strings, which means you will have to replace them more often if you play a lot.

6. What Style of Music Will You Play?

Left handed guitars are typically available in acoustic models and electric models, but not acoustic electric models. So if you are looking for a left handed acoustic guitar, you will have to decide whether you will use it for playing solo or with an amp. Some people find the sound of an acoustic guitar to be too soft, so they prefer an electric guitar.

7. Price

Price is not always the most important factor when buying an acoustic guitar, but it is a factor that you should consider. Acoustic guitars are typically cheaper than electric or bass guitars.


Is it easier for left-handed people to play guitar?

Many people believe that left-handed people can play guitar just as well, if not better than their right-handed counterparts. Whether it is because of the natural curve of their fingers or some other reason, left-handed players have a unique advantage over right-handed guitar players.

Why is it so hard to find a left-handed guitar?

Over the years, left-handed guitars have been produced in growing numbers. The problem is that people are still not buying them. There are many reasons why lefties find it difficult to buy a guitar. The most important reason is that they are not marketed well and people don’t know they exist!

Are left-handed guitar chords different?

Left-handed guitar chords require a little bit more in terms of finger dexterity and the right hand position. However, the left-hand is on top so it’s easier to find familiar chords and shapes.

Is playing guitar left-handed rare?

Sometimes, left-handed guitarists can have some unique challenges. There’s a greater risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, so they may need to take some extra steps to reduce the risk.


If you are left-handed and looking for your first acoustic guitar, take a look at the options above. You may find that one of those guitars is the perfect fit for you. And remember, practice makes perfect!

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