7 Best Headphones for ASMR to Help You Relax

ASMR is a real thing. It’s a tingling sensation that you can feel in your head or scalp that makes you feel relaxed, sleepy, and sometimes even nauseous. It’s a very strange sensation, and it’s not clear how it works or what causes it. But there are many people who enjoy ASMR and are looking for headphones to help them achieve the feeling.

In this article, we will discuss the best headphones for ASMR and why they may be the best choice for you.

Our Top Picks:

  1. Sony WH-1000XM4
  3. Bose QuietComfort 20
  4. Bose QuietComfort 35 II
  5. Shure SE215 PRO
  6. MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones
  7. beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

Best ASMR Headphones Reviews

1. Sony WH-1000XM4 – Best Overall

Sony’s WH-1000XM4 are our top pick for the best headphones for ASMR. They feature Sony’s dual noise sensors that work to cancel out noise from outside while keeping the music inside.

It’s possible to enjoy whispering, crinkling paper in a noisy environment without having to worry about being distracted. Using the touch sensor on the right ear cup, you can easily adjust the volume, skip tracks, and skip forward and back.

You can also answer and end calls with a single tap on the touch sensor. This is an incredibly convenient feature for people who like to be able to take calls at all times.

With a 30-hour battery life, they’ll last long enough for most trips and even some overnight camping trips. The quick charge technology means you’ll get 5 hours of playback time in just 10 minutes, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery while you’re on the go.

The WH-1000XM4 are also highly comfortable and offer great sound quality. They have a sleek, compact design and fit comfortably around your head. They’re easy to use, and you can control them with your voice as well.

2. SENNHEISER HD 599 – Best Open Back Headphones for ASMR

The Sennheiser HD 599 headphones are an excellent choice if you want open back headphones with premium sound and a comfortable fit. They’re also a great choice for anyone who enjoys ASMR videos.

The open back design makes them easy to wear, and the premium build quality ensures they’re durable and won’t fall apart after a few months of use.

The HD 599 comes with a 3 meter detachable cable that can be plugged into most devices, as well as a 1.2 meter cable that can be connected to your computer. Both of these cables are made from robust materials, so they’re sure to last for years.

If you want to use them on-the-go, there’s also an additional 3.5 millimeter jack available on the right ear cup. This allows you to connect the HD 599 to other portable devices like your smartphone or tablet. It’s not as convenient as using Bluetooth, but it works just fine.

The HD 599 headphones feature a padded headband and velour covered ear pads. These are great for long listening sessions, because they won’t cause any pressure on your ears. It’s important to note that you should avoid wearing these headphones for long periods if you have ears that are sensitive.

The HD 599 headphones deliver audiophile sound quality at a good price, and they’re ideal for casual listening and ASMR. They’re also perfect for those who want to listen to their favorite artists while relaxing.

3. Bose QuietComfort 20 – Best In Ear for ASMR

The Bose QuietComfort 20 is one of the best in-ear headphones for ASMR and sleep listening. If you’re looking for a great pair of in-ear headphones to listen to in bed or while you’re relaxing, then this is definitely the best choice.

It comes with a unique feature; the Aware Mode. With this, you can hear what’s going on around you with the press of a button. This is great for when you’re trying to sleep, or even when you’re in the middle of a party and want to make sure you’re not missing anything important.

This model features the company’s most advanced noise cancellation technology to date, which uses a microphone array to cancel out ambient noise. And, with Bose’s proprietary TriPort technology, it delivers more sound and less distortion than ever before.

Another great feature is the StayHear+ tips, which are designed to prevent you from getting sore ears over time. They also help keep the headphones secure in your ear and prevent them from slipping out. There are 3 pairs available; S, M, L, so you can get the right size for your ear.

With a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and an integrated USB port, this model is also good for mobile use. You can listen to your favorite music, talk on the phone, or even take calls without having to worry about running out of power.

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 II – Best Wireless Over Ear Headphones for ASMR

As the name suggests, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones are designed to be quiet and comfortable. They’re built to block out a lot of ambient noise and offer a very comfortable fit. This is made possible thanks to their noise-cancelling technology.

The dual-microphone system features noise-rejecting microphones that listen out for external noise and then cancel it out with a dedicated algorithm. This technology means you can use these headphones in places like a library or airport without disturbing others.

While they aren’t the lightest headphones on the market, the Comfort 35 II are very well-balanced in terms of weight and feel. They’re made of soft leather and mesh, which means they’re easy to wear for long periods of time.

The Comfort 35 II also have Bose Connect, which lets you use your phone to control the music, adjust settings, and even access future updates through the Bose app. With this feature, you can even set a custom profile for yourself and other people in your household.

The battery life on the Bose QuietComfort 35 II is pretty amazing too. They have a 20-hour battery life and charge quickly, so you’ll be able to listen to them for a full day without needing to charge them.

5. Shure SE215 PRO

This is a very good pair of wired earphones for ASMR. The SE215s are designed to deliver high-quality sound without any distortion. They have a custom fit so they won’t slip or fall out. They’re also extremely comfortable, which makes them ideal for long-term wear.

The SE215’s balanced armature driver delivers detailed sound with enhanced bass and a wide frequency range. They also feature an in-line microphone for clear calls and voice prompts. The earbuds are designed for a secure fit and stay put thanks to the foam-lined design and ergonomic earhooks. And for added durability, the cord is reinforced for long-lasting use.

Shure also included a set of interchangeable ear tips to ensure a good seal in your ears. This ensures the maximum amount of noise cancellation and a better seal for all-day wear.

And since the earbuds come with a carrying case, you can easily carry them around with you. They’ll keep the wires organized and protected from damage, so you won’t have to worry about tangled messes.

6. MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones

Musicozy is a Bluetooth sleep headphones that promise to protect you from being disturbed by your mess hair and sweat.

This is one of the best sleep headphones you can buy today. Musicozy is a lightweight and comfortable pair of sleep headphones that feature a special fabric that prevents sweat and hair from affecting the sound quality.

The headphones are powered by 40mm drivers, which produce deep bass, midrange, and highs with enhanced clarity. They’re also Bluetooth enabled, so you can easily connect them to your smartphone, tablet, or other device, and stream music via your favorite streaming platform.

The MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones are designed to block out all ambient noise, including your neighbors and the outside world. This makes them great for the bedroom, but they can also be used while watching movies or listening to music.

It has an incredible battery life of up to 2 hours of continuous playback time. And with its super quick charge, you can get it back on track in just 10 hours.

These Sleep Headphones are a perfect choice for those who like to listen to music while they sleep, or those who want to block out ambient noise. The best thing about these headphones is how affordable they are.

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7. beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO – Best Closed Back Headphones for ASMR

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is a true audiophile headphone, one of the most expensive models from beyerdynamic. The DT 770 PRO uses a special bass reflex system that provides accurate reproduction of the low frequencies, and it also has a built-in subwoofer for deeper bass.

It’s been designed for professional use and the closed-back design makes it ideal for studio recording and monitoring.

It offers a pure, high-resolution sound with excellent clarity and presence. It can also deliver high volume levels without distorting at all.

The DT 770 PRO also has a hard-wearing, durable and robust construction, as well as being made in Germany.

The single-sided cable is very comfortable to wear, with soft, adjustable padded ear pads. The headphone is comfortable to wear for long periods and doesn’t cause fatigue like other over-ear models. It also has a very comfortable headband, which is a great feature.

What Is ASMR?

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a term used to describe the feeling of relaxation and tingling sensations that some people experience in response to certain triggers. While the phenomenon is still relatively unknown, it’s thought to be caused by specific sounds or visual stimuli. Some people use ASMR to help them fall asleep or deal with stress, while others enjoy the sensation for its own sake.

If you’re curious about ASMR and want to give it a try, there are a few things you should know.

  • First, not everyone experiences ASMR, so you may need to experiment a bit to see if it works for you.
  • Second, some of the most popular ASMR triggers include whispering, crinkling paper, and watching someone perform a task slowly and deliberately.
  • Third, while the sensation can be pleasant and relaxing, it can also feel invasive, and people who experience it tend to have a heightened sense of awareness.

Why Do You Need Headphones for Asmr?

The sound of whispering is often used in ASMR videos as it is calming and soothing. Many people find that they need headphones to get the most out of the experience as the whispering sounds are more pronounced with headphones on. The use of headphones also helps to block out any other noise that may be surrounding you, allowing you to focus on the audio coming from the video.

How to Choose the Best Headphones for ASMR

When looking for headphones to use for ASMR, it is important to consider a few factors.

The type of headphones

There are three main types of headphones: in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear.

  • In-ear headphones are the smallest type and fit inside of the ear canal. They are good for people who want a low profile and do not want anything sticking out of their ears. They are also great for people who want to hide the fact that they are wearing headphones.
  • On-ear headphones are typically more expensive than in-ear headphones and sit on top of the ear canal. They provide a larger soundstage, better bass response, and a bigger sound profile.
  • Over-ear headphones sit on top of the ear and provide a more full sound profile. They are great for people that want to hear their music the way it was intended to be heard.  

Sound Quality

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a pair of headphones is their sound quality.

It’s not uncommon to find headphones that are great for watching movies, but don’t necessarily offer a good listening experience. This is especially true if you’re using them for relaxation purposes.

When it comes to ASMR, it’s important to find headphones that offer good sound quality so you can enjoy your favorite videos without having to worry about distracting sounds.

Wireless or Wired

There are some people who prefer to use wired headphones for ASMR. This is mainly because they’re able to control the volume and hear the audio without being interrupted by any movement or sounds around them.

However, if you’re looking for something that offers wireless capabilities, then you’ll want to consider a pair of headphones that support Bluetooth. This will allow you to connect with your smartphone, tablet, or other device wirelessly, and listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Bass or Treble

If you’re looking for something to block out sounds in noisy environments, you may want to consider headphones with a bass boost.

This will make sure that the sound is clear and balanced, so you won’t have to worry about unwanted noises intruding into your experience.

You may also want to consider headphones that offer an adjustable treble boost, which allows you to adjust the sound to fit your preference.

Noise Cancelling

If you spend a lot of time in a noisy environment, then you may want to consider headphones that are equipped with noise cancelling capabilities.

This will allow you to enjoy the ASMR video without having to worry about distractions in the background.


Impedance refers to the resistance of the headphones to the flow of electricity. When it comes to headphones, higher impedance means better sound quality. The standard impedance of headphones is 32 ohms.

Most modern headphones have an impedance of around 40 ohms. If you see headphones with a higher impedance rating than that, they tend to be older or lower quality models. If you are looking for a specific model, you may want to look for a headphone with a lower impedance. This will help you get a better quality sound. 


Last but certainly not least, we need to talk about price.

When you’re looking for the best headphones for ASMR, you’ll want to make sure that they’re affordable as well. You don’t want to spend $1,000 on a pair of headphones only to find out that they don’t do what you need them to do.


Is ASMR better with headphones?

ASMR headphone use is often recommended to enhance the experience because of the way that headphones can create a more immersive environment. By blocking out external noise and providing stereo sound, headphones can help to create an experience that is more relaxing and immersive. This is especially true for those who listen to ASMR videos specifically to relax and fall asleep.

Can you use earbuds for ASMR?

Earbuds can be used for ASMR by producing specific sounds that can trigger the response. The sound of someone speaking softly, tapping on objects, or scratching can all be triggers for some people. By using earbuds, the person can control the sound and make it more specific to their needs. This allows them to get the most out of their ASMR experience.

Why do ASMR Youtubers wear headphones?

ASMR Youtubers wear headphones in order to better hear the sounds they are producing. By wearing headphones, they can ensure that they are producing the correct sounds for their viewers. Additionally, wearing headphones helps to block out any outside noise, which can interfere with their recordings.

What headphones does SAS Asmr use?

SAS Asmr is known to use the Zoom H6 and 3Dio PRO headphones for her ASMR content. The Zoom H6 is a portable six-track recorder that is used for professional recording, while the 3Dio PRO is a binaural microphone that allows for three-dimensional audio recording. These headphones allow SAS Asmr to produce high-quality ASMR content that is both realistic and immersive.

Does ASMR work with over ear headphones?

Theoretically, over-ear headphones could work with ASMR since they would cover the entire ear and block out any external noise. However, in practice, it may be difficult to find headphones that fit comfortably over the ears and still produce the desired sound effects.

Can I listen to ASMR while sleeping?

ASMR is a calming, tingling sensation that some people experience in response to certain stimuli, such as whispered words, soft tapping, or slow hand movements. Some people listen to ASMR while sleeping in order to fall asleep more quickly or to achieve a deeper sleep. However, there is no evidence that suggests that ASMR is more effective than other methods of falling asleep.

Final Thoughts

The best headphones for ASMR are those that provide the best sound quality and are comfortable to wear. If you are looking for headphones specifically designed for ASMR, then the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones are a good option. However, any good quality headphones that provide clear sound will work well for ASMR. So if you are in the market for a new pair of headphones, be sure to consider the audio quality and fit when making your selection.

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