7 Best Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers 2022: Reviews & Top Picks

Klipsch is a brand we all associate with excellent sound. Since its founding in 1946, Klipsch has designed speakers for the best listening experiences.

The brand is known for its deep, rich sound, and it has a wide variety of bookshelf speakers with different sizes and levels of sound output for sale.

You can find a great pair of bookshelf speakers for under $200, or you can splurge on a set of high-end speakers that will make your movies sound like they were filmed in a Hollywood soundstage.

Klipsch bookshelf speakers are perfect for anyone with a minimalist home or office. You can get premium quality without sacrificing the feel of your decor! Plus, they’re designed to be sleek & modern while also fitting into many different decor styles with ease.

If you’re wondering which speaker to choose, please refer to our list of the best Klipsch bookshelf speakers.

  1. Klipsch RP-500M
  2. Klipsch RP-600M
  3. Klipsch RB-61 II
  4. Klipsch RP-150M
  5. Klipsch R-41PM
  6. Klipsch R-51PM
  7. Klipsch R-15M

List of the Best Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers

1. Klipsch RP-500M

RP-500M is one of the best Klipsch bookshelf speakers that you can have. They are designed to be powerful and offer high-quality sound. They also come with a wide range of bass, making them perfect for the living room or a home office.

Klipsch RP-500M is known for its superior sound and ability to produce powerful bass. It has excellent treble, mid and low frequencies giving them rich sounds and deep bass while being able to handle even the most complex music tracks without distortion.

Its titanium LTS vented tweeter and spun copper Cerametallic woofers delivers high frequency detail with tight, detailed mids. The RP-500M is capable of reproducing a wide range of sounds from acoustic to bass heavy music, movie dialogue to voice calls – it’s a versatile speaker all around.

It features a premium scratch-resistant finish and comes with an included removable magnetic grille that makes it easy to customize the look. This is an ideal speaker for audiophiles who want to get speakers that are easy to set up, looks good and sounds perfect.

2. Klipsch RP-600M

RP 600M is a pair of bookshelf speakers from Klipsch with a build quality rivaling anything you can find in its price range. It has 6.55″ cerametallic woofers and 1” vented tweeter that offer high fidelity sound performance with low distortion levels as well as plenty of power to meet your needs in any home theater setup

The Klipsch RP-600M speakers are the best in class when it comes to a small footprint speaker system. These speakers provide highly detailed audio clarity across the frequencies and do not produce any distortion or harshness even during higher volumes.

The Tractrix port is well-matched to the RP-600M speaker, creating fantastic airflow and low distortion for even lower frequencies. Magnetic grilles make cleaning easy as they are removable while maintaining design aesthetic.

3. Klipsch RB-61 II

Klipsch RB-61 II bookshelf speakers are built for those who want to get a great balance of performance and value in a medium-sized room. They have built-in Elevation for the bass and treble, giving them an improved sound experience.

With a 6.5” woofer, 1” tweeter, frequency response – 45Hz-24KHz and a power handling of 100 watts, this speaker can easily fill up an entire room with crisp sound without creating any distortion.

Klipsch always looks at the needs of its audience when designing products so they are able to guarantee they can satisfy everyone’s needs with the RB-61 II speaker.

The design of this speaker is highly efficient and it uses less power. The sound produced by it is accurate and non-fatiguing which makes these speakers perfect for music or movies

4. Klipsch RP-150M

The Klipsch RP-150M is a pair of speakers in the Reference Premiere series of Klipsch produced to replace the Klipsch RB 61 II. The Klipsch RP 150M is equipped with a 1″ Hybrid Tractrix® Horn Treble and a 5.25″ Cerametallic™ woofer to help you experience a superior sound.

The Klipsch RP-150M speaker stands out with its extremely compact, modern, luxurious and sophisticated design, suitable for many home entertainment spaces. It weighs only 19.60 lbs, so it can be placed on a desk, bookshelf…

The component system is protected by high-quality MDF wood speakers, covered with beautiful veneer in two colors to meet all user preferences.

All customers who have experienced music are impressed with the Klipsch RP-150M Speaker, with a frequency response of 48Hz – 25kHz that reproduces delicate, smooth, accurate sound, especially the response ability.

The RP-150M has an average power rating of 75W and a maximum of 300W, so it is suitable for use in music stereos with small and medium spaces.

5. Klipsch R-41PM

Klipsch’s R-41PM is a new active speaker model launched in 2018. It’s a replacement for their two-year old R-14PM product. The R-41PM can be seen as a miniature version of the R-51PM, with a smaller size and a more compact woofer driver while still being fully equipped with necessary features.

The speaker box is made of MDF wood, which is quite thick and sturdy. The outside is covered with black vinyl to increase the durability of the product. The speaker box also looks more luxurious.

The midwoofer of the R-41PM has a diameter of 10cm. It is made of a material called Spun Copper IMG for added durability. Besides Cerametallic material, this is also a very popular material used in Klipsch products.

The R-41PM has a built-in stereo amplifier with 35 watts of power on one side of the speaker, enough to compete with any competitor in the same price range.

This Klipsch bookshelf speaker is able to reproduce the most natural, clearest sound with the Treble Tractrix Horn speaker, which uses a 90° x 90° trumpet throat to help deliver high-frequency sound to the listener’s ears accurately and faithfully.

6. Klipsch R-51PM

With its compact size, the Klipsch R-51PM bookshelf speaker is easy to arrange and set up in different listening spaces as well as save space.

Although the price is not high, the speaker finish is still quite well done with the black vinyl coating on the outside of the MDF wooden cabinet, which is quite thick and solid.

The R-51PM is designed to be compatible with virtually all audio sources without the need for additional amplifiers or receivers. The speaker’s power is quite large, with 60W for each side and the total two-channel power in the maximum state can be up to 140W.

The pair of R-51PM speakers support Bluetooth, so connecting wirelessly to phones and similar devices is quite simple, only taking a few minutes. Behind the speaker is a set of RCA ports and a small switch, allowing you to choose phono or line mode.

Klipsch R-51PM speakers are equipped with the completely new Dynamic Bass Eq feature. This feature will enhance the bass bands and automatically lower it when the listener increases the volume, so that users can enjoy the bass ranges in conditions that cannot be heard with high volume.

7. Klipsch R-15M

The Klipsch R-15M is a bookshelf speaker with a Tractrix® Horn tweeter and a copper-plated mid/bass speaker. It is suitable for detailed sound, and is most commonly used in small rooms of about 15 square meters.

The Klipsch R 15M subwoofer is composed of 1 bass speaker and 1 treble speaker. The tweeter is made of titanium, the speaker is made of aluminum with Linear travel suspension technology, so it helps to bring the sound quality to our heads without harshness and glare.

The speaker’s sensitivity is up to 94dB, the frequency range is from 62Hz-24kHz, the sound power is 85W at 8ohm. With these parameters, it is easier for users to choose the right amp to mix.


Are Klipsch speakers worth the money?

Klipsch speakers are known for their high-end sound quality and sleek design. They are a popular choice for many people, especially those who have a lot of money to spend on home electronics.

Klipsch speakers are definitely worth the money if you can afford them. Whether you decide to buy them or not is up to you, but they’re definitely going to sound better than most other models in the market.

Do bookshelf speakers have good bass?

Bookshelf speakers are typically designed to produce high-quality sound rather than heavy bass. The only way they can produce heavy bass is with an external subwoofer or amplifier, which will be more than enough for most people’s needs.

Where do you put Klipsch bookshelf speakers?

To get the best sound, place bookshelf speakers on either side of your preferred listening spot near 10 o’clock & 2 o’clock. Try to put the tweeters at a height that you’re comfortable with so they’ll be mostly over your ears.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a great pair of bookshelf speakers, Klipsch is definitely a brand you should consider. They make some of the best sounding and most durable speakers on the market, and their products are sure to impress.

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