Top 10 Best Casio Keyboards & Digital Pianos Reviews in 2022

The keyboard is one of the most popular electronic instruments in the world. It is essential in bands and orchestras, as well as being widely used by arrangers to compose melodies and record sounds from other instruments. Casio keyboards are a reference for quality and cost-effectiveness in this segment.

The brand has several keyboard models available, from the most basic to high-tech options. To help you choose the most appropriate instrument, we have prepared a complete article with tips on how to choose and a ranking of the 10 best Casio keyboards. Check it out!

List of the Best Casio Keyboards

1. Casio CT-X700 Portable Keyboard

The Casio CT-X700 is a high quality, portable arranger keyboard that will make a perfect addition to your next project. This model features 61 full-size touch-responsive keys, 600 tones, and 195 rhythms.

This keyboard is made for beginners, musicians, and performers alike. It has a built-in song and lesson system, so you can start learning and practicing right away.

The CT-X700 comes with a built-in headphone out, so you can practice privately, or you can connect an external speaker for better sound. And with its built-in USB-MIDI interface, you can connect this device to your computer and record directly.

This keyboard features a bright, backlit LCD screen with easy-to-read text. You can use it for all sorts of music, including songs, piano, guitar, drums, and more.

2. Casio CTK-3500 PPK 61-Key Premium Keyboard

If you’re looking for an instrument that meets your main goals and makes studying and rehearsing easier with lessons and digital effects, the Casio CTK-3500 keyboard is a perfect choice! With all the basic specifications present, it even comes with a metronome and 60 built-in songs.

The model also features digital effects to apply reverb and get more depth and effects. For studying, plug in your electronic device and install the proprietary app with practice lessons, fingering audio, hand exercises, and more.

This keyboard has a built-in chord database and rhythm function, and it includes a free Chordana Play app. You can also use it to learn scales and chords, and it has a voice fingering guide, so you can easily play songs. You can set the touch response sensitivity on it, and the volume can be adjusted as well.

3. Casio Casiotone CT-S300 Portable Keyboard

The CT-S300 Casiotone is an excellent model for musicians of all levels who seek a compact instrument with differentiated sound quality. It has 2 speakers with reinforced magnets that provide a sound that exceeds expectations, especially for such a compact instrument.

Its keys have a shape and a response to touch similar to that of a piano, depending on the force of the touch. It also features a simple and intuitive interface, LCD screen, dance music, and a mode that allows the musician to combine bass, synthesizer, and other phrases for mixing.

There are 61 piano-style keys that provide excellent touch response, and there’s even a built-in music rest. The included power supply is great for those who want to charge their mobile device while they’re practicing.

4. Casio CT-X3000 Portable Keyboard

With its 61 full-size keys, the CT-X3000 is a true workhorse for composing music and recording notes. It has a touch-responsive design, so you can easily switch between playing and composing. And it features a built-in speaker, so you can play tunes anywhere and anytime.

It also features 800 tones and 235 rhythms, so you can create a wide variety of songs and beats. All of these can be edited and saved, so you can tweak them to your liking.

The CT-X3000 can also act as a MIDI controller, so you can use it as a USB MIDI interface. This means you can connect it to any compatible digital audio device (like a DAW, synth, or drum machine), and it will work as a MIDI controller for it.

The CT-X3000 also has a USB port, so you can connect it to any external audio device and use it as a USB audio interface.

This is a great keyboard for anyone who wants to learn how to compose music or use it as a portable MIDI controller. It also features a built-in speaker, so you can use it in a variety of situations.

5. Casio WK-7600 Keyboard

The Casio WK-7600 is a digital keyboard designed for any type of musician. It features 76 touch-sensitive keys, plus pitch bend and modulation. This allows you to play in a variety of ways, whether you’re playing acoustic or electronic instruments. And with over 820 world-class, editable tones, it’ll sound as good as it looks.

The Casio WK-7600 also has a 17-track sequencer, which is perfect for songwriters. With built-in effects and multiple tracks, you can experiment with new sounds.

But, it doesn’t stop there. The Casio WK-7600 is also equipped with USB MIDI, which means you can control your DAW or music software from the keyboard. This is great for live performances, or for recording your own ideas.

Casio also includes a stand, a 1/4″ output jack, and a USB-MIDI cable, so you can connect it to any computer.

This is a versatile keyboard that’s ready for all kinds of music. And, with its sleek design, it will look good on any desktop or stage. So, get your hands on the Casio WK-7600, and enjoy your favorite music today.

6. Casio Privia PX-S3000 Digital Piano

According to the brand, the Casio PX-S3000 digital piano is one of the thinnest such instruments in the world with hammer action! It takes advantage of Casio’s compact construction technologies to deliver a product with a simple, elegant, and quality design.

Another eye-catching detail is the buttonless panel, made of LED with graphic touch sensors. In addition, it features an acoustic simulator that represents the real sound of a grand piano. Many other high-tech functions can also be found on this distinctive instrument.

The Casio Privia PX-S3000 features a sophisticated and advanced sound engine that delivers a rich and authentic sound, and it has the ability to reproduce piano sounds from a wide variety of genres. The onboard effects such as reverb, chorus, and delay are great for adding that extra touch to your music.

It has a large, full-sized keyboard that’s ideal for intermediate-to-advanced pianists. The key travel is a bit short, so if you’re new to the piano, you might want to consider a more spacious piano.

7. Casio LK-S250 Portable Keyboard with USB

If you are looking for a Casio keyboard to start your studies, the Casiotone LK-S250 model is a great option. It comes with a system that illuminates the next key to be played, improving your playing. In addition, it has a development lesson that guides the practice in a 4-step format.

Another differentiating feature is the portable design and structure, which are hallmarks of Casio’s Casiotone keyboards. This is a lightweight, compact instrument with a simple and intuitive interface, and ideal features for beginners who want to practice their lessons anywhere.

With a full 61 piano-style lighted keys, it’s easier than ever before to practice while on the go. With built-in USB connectivity, you can transfer and save your data directly to and from your computer.

The 400 tones, 77 rhythms, and 60 songs make this keyboard a good choice for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. There’s also an included power supply, a music rest, and a carrying handle for ease of portability.

8. Casio CDP-S350 Compact Digital Piano

The Casio CDP-S350 includes 700 sounds, including a stereo grand piano, plus 200 accompaniment rhythms. The 6-track MIDI recorder can store your creations and the included USB interface makes it easy to transfer them to a computer.

The CDP-S350 has a scaled weighted action keyboard, with simulated ebony and ivory key textures. This allows you to play with ease and accuracy.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, the CDP-S350 features a 6-track MIDI recorder that lets you record your own songs and play along with a tracklist. The built-in speaker system provides stereo sound for a complete music experience.

You can even connect it to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and download the free Chordana Play for Piano app. It’ll make playing piano on the go easier than ever before.

With a slim design that weighs less than 25 pounds, the CDP-S350 is perfect for travel and performance. And with a class-compliant USB port that requires no drivers or installation, the CDP-S350 is a great choice for beginners and professionals alike.

9. Casio CT-S1 Portable Keyboard for Beginners

This Casio CT-S1 is a portable keyboard that comes with a grand piano sound, and a built-in speaker system.

You’ll enjoy the 60-key layout and the adjustable hammer action. The touch-response keys offer smooth, accurate performance and play a wide variety of chords.

You’ll appreciate the easy-to-use recording features. You can record a single note, a chord, or a whole song. And the included MIDI connector lets you connect it to any MIDI device for the ultimate in versatility.

With its portability, it’s perfect for playing anywhere you go. But it also has a built-in speaker system with a large, powerful bass-reflex design, so you’ll get a richer and fuller sound.

You can also use it as a speakerphone, and the optional WU-BT1 Bluetooth MIDI/audio adapter lets you connect it to any Bluetooth speaker for an added convenience.

It’s one of the best portable keyboards for musicians and anyone else who wants to play anywhere.

10. Casio SA-76 Mini Personal Keyboard

The Casio SA-76 is a great budget keyboard for beginners, kids, or anyone who wants a fun and simple way to practice piano. This keyboard is a great value, with a lot of great features and plenty of built-in songs.

It features 44 mini keys and a full set of piano tones. There are five dedicated buttons for drum sounds and 10 built-in songs, plus you can assign your own songs and play them. It also has a dedicated button for volume control. And, it has an LCD screen that shows you the current note and song.

The SA-76 has a lot of sound effects and drum sounds, including piano, drums, guitar, violin, trumpet, saxophone, and more.

Why You Should Buy a Casio Keyboard?

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is a renowned Japanese manufacturer of electronic products and business equipment solutions. It is considered to be one of the world’s leading brands in digital watches, calculators, and electronic keyboards.

Casio is constantly launching quality keyboards with one of the best cost-benefits on the market. Even basic models have differentiated features, such as stereo output and illuminated keys. For professional musicians, it has a high-tech arranger and synthesizer keyboards.

How to Choose the Best Casio Keyboard

Casio keyboards are highly sought after for having distinctive features and timbres at an affordable price compared to other brands. However, there are several models with specifications to be analyzed at the time of purchase according to the consumer’s needs. See our tips below:

Choose the Most Indicated Casio Keyboard for Your Use

The first step in choosing the best Casio musical keyboard is to define the type of instrument best suited for your use. There are 6 different types of keyboards that cater to musicians of different levels and goals. Each model is distinguished by its specifications and appearance. Learn more about each one below.

  • Keyboards with illuminated keys: These models are ideal for beginners who are not familiar with the keyboard. This is because they are basic and have lesson features that make learning easier.
  • Standard keyboards: Casio standard keyboards have the main basic functions and include a versatile collection of timbres and rhythms. They are ideal for intermediate and advanced students.
  • Casiotone Keyboards: Models designed to offer superior portability and functionality. There are options for all keyboardists, and they have features that allow the musician to play anytime, anywhere.
  • High-Tech Keyboards: This line of Casio keyboards has many functions and powerful sounds. It is suitable for all keyboardists of various musical styles.
  • Synthesizer Keyboards: Geared toward professional musicians, Casio synthesizer keyboards have original sounds and beats with more advanced features. They are widely used in bands that produce sounds artificially and have a variety of beats.
  • Digital pianos: These are options with the same timbre and number of keys as the acoustic piano, but at a reduced cost. indicated for pianists who do not have the resources or who are looking for something more compact, light, and portable.

There are also mini keyboard models, but as they are suitable for children and for those who just want to do quick practice, they will not be considered in the ranking. Within each category, there are series with distinct functionalities. It is important to observe them to determine which is the best option.

Give Preference to Casio Keyboards with a Minimum of 61 Keys

An important factor when choosing your instrument is the number of keys. Most Casio keyboards have 61 keys, equivalent to 5 octaves. There are also keyboard models with 76 keys, or 6 octaves, usually at a higher cost. The digital piano models have 88 keys.

If you want to work with a variety of timbres and scale extensions, choose models with a larger number of keys. There are also keyboards with 61 keys, like the Casio CTK-3500. These keyboards are good for keyboardists of all levels.

Touch Sensitivity Makes All the Difference in Musical Dynamics

Casio keyboards can have up to five levels of touch sensitivity. Depending on how hard your fingers hit the keys, different levels of sound intensity are made. This sensitivity is what makes this happen.The greater the force, the louder the sound. These levels give more dynamics and expression to the music.

If you are looking for a keyboard just for studying and practicing at home, a model with up to 2 levels of sensitivity is enough. But if you are already performing or playing professionally, it is important to choose one with maximum sensitivity.

In digital pianos, there is also a keyboard with hammer action that simulates the experience of playing an acoustic piano. In other words, when a key is pressed with force and precision, the hammer rises sharply, producing dynamics similar to those of an acoustic piano.

The Higher the Polyphony, the Better the Sound Reproduction

Polyphony is the number of sounds that the Casio Musical Keyboard can play at the same time. It is what makes electronic instruments sound like harmonic acoustic instruments. Because of this, the more polyphony the keyboard has, the more sounds it can play at the same time, and the better it will be for you.

Casio keyboards can have up to 256 polyphony sounds! This means that you can play multiple simultaneous sounds and the note can continue to play even when you remove your fingers from the key. When choosing your keyboard, prefer models with at least 32 sounds for a good experience.

Give Priority to Casio Keyboards with Variety of Tones and Rhythms

Casio keyboards are popular because they can simulate the sound and rhythm of various other instruments, both melodic and harmonic. This makes it possible to unite timbres and polyphony to reproduce the sounds of a full band! For this, it is important that the keyboard has a wide variety of timbres and rhythms.

When choosing your instrument, check how many built-in timbres it has. Casio keyboards can have up to 1,150 built-in timbres. If you play in bands or groups, the greater the variety, the more creativity you can apply to your arrangements.

The built-in rhythms also increase the arranging possibilities and make it easier to play the measures without having to rely on a metronome. You can convert the rhythm of any song just by setting the rhythms. Casio keyboards can have up to 400 built-in rhythms.

Note Whether the Model Has a Sustain Pedal Input

Sustain pedals are used to increase the duration of notes played on the keyboard. Without a pedal, the sound is not extended, no matter how long you hold down the keys. There are other pedals that can be used for other purposes, but the sustain pedal is the most commonly used.

It is important to remember that the pedals are purchased separately from the keyboard. When buying your instrument, make sure that the model you purchase has an input to attach the sustain pedal. If you intend to have a more complete Casio keyboard, prioritize this detail.

For More Convenience, Choose a Casio Keyboard with Built-in Speakers

Keyboards that have built-in speakers are much more practical and allow you to hear the sound produced on the instrument itself, without the need for headphones or external speakers. So you save space in rehearsals and studies and can play your keyboard anywhere you like.

Most Casio keyboards come with built-in speakers. However, some models, such as synthesizers, can only emit sound with some assistance. Please consider whether this item is indispensable to you.

Check out the Casio Musical Keyboard’s Weight and Analyze its Portability

Lighter keyboards are better to handle and easier to transport. With instruments like this and long-lasting batteries, you can play anywhere. If you intend to have a Casio keyboard not only for study but also for rehearsals or performances, prefer models weighing up to 6 kg.

Casiotone keyboards weigh just over 3 kg and are designed to be played anywhere. They are compact, with a one-handed carrying strap. In addition, they work for about 16 hours on alkaline batteries. Perfect for those who want a practical and versatile instrument.

Choose a Casio Keyboard with Lots of Extra Features

Being versatile instruments with many uses, the best Casio musical keyboards have a good variety of extra features. These features optimize their use, representing a very interesting differential. Here are the main ones you can find:

  • Metronome: is a feature used to inform the tempo of the music. For this, it emits a signal that follows a regular interval, given in BPM (beats per minute).
  • Track Recording: As the name suggests, it allows the recording of what is played for later playback.
  • Input via USB and SD card: allows you to store more tracks.
  • Integrated songs: These are melodies existing in the instrument’s memory. They facilitate the creation of new sounds for those who are beginning to play the instrument.

Besides these resources, there are some more specific models that can even have more options. In other words, pay attention to the instrument’s specifications to make sure that the best Casio keyboard for your needs is the one that you buy.


With so many quality keyboards, Casio is one of the most sought after and highly rated brands by musicians around the world. After reading our article and learning a bit more about the models, it is now easier to choose the best Casio keyboard for you, isn’t it? Don’t forget to check all the specifications!

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