6 Best Beyerdynamic Headphones for Gaming in 2022

Beyerdynamic is a German company that specializes in the production of high-end headphones. They have a wide variety of products in their catalog, including some specifically designed for gaming.

Beyerdynamic headphones are perfect for gaming because they provide an immersive sound experience to the player. They offer a wide range of options for gamers, from open to closed-back headphones, so that they can find the perfect fit for their needs.

We compiled a list of the best Beyerdynamic headphones for gaming and ranked them in order.

The Best Beyerdynamic Headphones for Gaming Reviews

1. Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd Generation) Premium Gaming Headset

The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is our top recommendation from the best Beyerdynamic gaming Headset. It is the perfect choice for gamers who want high-quality sound at an affordable price.

With its closed design, this headset provides an immersive gaming experience with minimal background noise. The headset offers an immersive experience with its built-in microphone and noise-canceling technology, blocking ambient noise and delivering clear communication.

The ergonomic design of the ear cups ensures excellent comfort and perfect fit for everyone, no matter which head size is. This gaming headset has an adjustable microphone that can be rotated up to 180 degrees and also comes with in-line remote control for volume control, microphone muting or voice/game audio switch.

The earpads are soft and comfortable, and the headband distributes weight evenly for hours of gaming without fatigue.

It has a frequency response of 5 – 35,000 Hz, covering the range of human hearing and an impedance of 32ohms. The nominal sound pressure level of these headphones is 96 dB.

The sound quality has also been significantly improved, emphasizing bass frequencies for more impactful explosions and gunfire sounds.

2. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium Edition

The DT 990 Premium Edition is an excellent example of Beyerdynamic’s commitment to providing customers with the best products possible. It offers excellent sound quality and comfort, making it one of the best gaming headphones on the market today.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 has a unique design with an open back, allowing ambient noise to be heard, so you can hear your surroundings while wearing the headphones. It also has strong bass and treble, making it perfect for gamers who like to feel immersed in their games.

DT 990 headphones provide a frequency response of 15 – 24,000 Hz and an impedance of 40 ohms. These headphones come with a 3.5 mm mini-jack, and 6.35 mm adapter included, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use them with your devices. The headphones also come with a carry case that can be used when traveling or storing them at home.

The flexible headband and comfortable ear pads of these headphones provide long-lasting wearing comfort. The ear cups are made with breathable, skin-friendly velour so you can listen to your music in comfort for hours on end.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones are perfect for playing games on the Xbox ONE, PS4, or even your PC. They have a frequency response of 5Hz-35kHz, providing excellent sound quality with low distortion and high accuracy. The headphones also have an impedance of 32 Ohms, ensuring that you get the best possible sound quality from your device or amplifier.

They are designed to be comfortable and to deliver clear, precise sound. The headphones have a closed over-ear design that provides excellent noise isolation so that you can enjoy your game without any distractions. If desired, the earpads are soft and comfortable and can be replaced with velour earpads.

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones have an innovative bass reflex system specially designed to provide clear sound with deep bass tones in noisy environments. They are made in Germany with hard-wearing materials that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear.

4. Beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive Gaming Headset

This is one of the best Beyerdynamic headphones for gaming. The Beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive is a headphone and an interactive gaming headset. With your PC or console, you can use it to enjoy immersive sound effects in games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

It has a good sound quality, and you can use it for long hours without feeling any discomfort. The ear cups are made of breathable material, making them comfortable to wear for long hours. It also has an adjustable headband that ensures the headset is comfortable for every head size.

It comes with a high-quality microphone and volume control, which allows you to chat with your teammates and adjust the volume during gameplay. It is designed to provide immersive gaming audio, which means that you can hear sounds from all directions and distances.

It has a closed cup design which provides excellent noise isolation and an immersive sound experience.

The headset comes with four sound profiles that can be customized through the sliders on the side of the headset. These sliders are specifically designed for different gaming environments. The headset has a frequency response of 5 Hz – 35,000 Hz, which is excellent for any gamer who wants to experience rich and immersive sounds.

5. Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones

The design of these headphones is based on extensive customer feedback and customer insights. They have been designed to be comfortable for long periods while still providing high-quality sound quality for music listeners and gamers alike.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones come with a lot of customizable features. The headband, ear pads, and ear cup plates can all be changed to suit your style. You can also detach the cable for convenience when storing or carrying around your headphones.

The Custom One Pro Plus Headphones have three different sound settings: closed, semi-open, and open design. Depending on what you are listening to, you can easily switch between these three settings with the help of the custom sound slider. These headphones have a frequency response of 10 – 24, 000 Hz and an impedance of 16 ohms.

These headphones come with a new cable with a microphone and remote that can be used to control playback or calls on your smartphone, tablet, or home audio.

The Custom One Pro Plus headphones come with an adjustable sound slider to allow you to hear deeper bass. They also have a variable noise reduction feature that helps you focus on what you are listening to.

6. Beyerdynamic TEAM TYGR Streaming Bundle

If you are looking for the best Beyerdynamic gaming headphones, you will love this package. It comes with open-back headphone TYGR 300 R and the USB-microphone FOX, meaning you can enjoy your sound to its fullest potential without any compromise. This package is also perfect for streamers or gamers that value high-quality audio that other cans can’t match.

TYGR offers custom-fitted earbuds that provide extended comfort, the perfect choice for long gaming sessions. When playing games of any type, your ears will be able to focus on specific sound quality thanks to in-game audio localization.

One of the best ways to improve your stream is to adjust your voice and become the director of your show. FOX mic will capture everything as clearly as possible and give you a chance to stand out from other streamers. Combined with professional streaming, it can be used on PC, consoles, or mobile devices.

TYGR headphones are specially designed for gamers who enjoy long sessions. They offer a comfortable fit, as well as high-quality audio to make the perfect accessory for any gaming set-up. TYGR has a great soundstage especially for in-game sounds. The design is open-back and the acoustic fleece help with the spatial sound environment.


What does Ohm mean for headphones?

Ohms are a measure of electrical resistance. Headphones can have a low or high impedance, which means they require a different amount of voltage to produce sound. For example, earbuds typically have a lower impedance and less sensitive drivers, so it takes less electricity for them to produce sound.

What ohm is best for gaming?

The best ohm for gaming is usually determined by the type of game you want to play. For example, most online multiplayer games require a low-ohm headset for voice chat. A headset with a high-ohm rating is typically more expensive than one with a lower rating, but it will provide higher quality sound.

We recommend the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 32 Ohm as the best Beyerdynamic headphones for gaming.

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