Acoustic vs. Classical: Which Guitar is For You?

The question as to which guitar to choose, acoustic or classical, is oftentimes considered as an age-old question. This especially applies to beginner guitarists. The good news is that, the answer to this may turn out to be a whole lot easier to find than you think.

In deciding the best guitar that is perfect for you, there are certain questions that you can ask yourself in order to determine the type of guitar that is well suited for you. At the same time, it is also important to look into the individual benefits that each of this type can provide you.

Acoustic Guitar – The Benefits

Acoustic guitars are oftentimes referred to as folk guitar. It is the type of guitar which is almost universal when it comes to use. It can also span across different musical genres, and particularly useful in those famous campfire sing-along since it is equipped with good volume. It is also the type that is often used in bars and lounges.

A lot of musicians would definitely agree that the acoustic guitar is the best guitar for any beginner. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. No need to connect to sound system

This is what most people actually love about acoustic guitars. In contrast with other guitars, there is no need to connect an acoustic guitar to any type of sound system. This is because the body of the guitar itself is already its sound system. This means that you can easily bring it everywhere without any problem while playing.

2. The neck is smaller, thus easier to play

You may say, ‘well, a classical guitar also does not require to be plugged to any sort of sound system’. What makes the acoustic guitar better, then? Compared with a standard, classical guitar, the neck of the acoustic guitar is generally smaller. As such, it is easier to play.

3. Build up those finger calluses

First things first. If you really want to play a guitar, you need to have finger calluses because they will help you play music well. Such calluses can be easily built up in playing an acoustic guitar. As a result, you will end up confidently playing almost any type of guitar that you can hold in your hands. As long as you are patient enough with the buzzing issues, you can expect to gain benefit from the experience.

4. Sophisticated Beauty

An acoustic guitar is known for its natural overall beauty as compared to other guitars. This is perfect for individuals who are not really flashy, and into quality aside from style.

Classical Guitar – The Benefits

To start off, it is very important to understand what a classical guitar is. There are actually two important factors that can distinguish an acoustic guitar with a classical guitar. It has something to do with the type of strings used. The classical guitar uses nylon strings, while the acoustic guitar uses steel strings.

The classical guitar is oftentimes considered as the least option among the different types of guitars. However, it also comes with its own set of advantages. Here are some of them:

1. Correct hand and finger techniques

Classical guitars are a great option when it comes to helping people and learners of any age to learn the right hand and finger techniques. This is because the neck of a classical guitar is quite thick, which means that you will be trained on how to be meticulous when it comes to playing techniques.

2. No need to be plugged to a sound system

Like acoustic guitars, classical guitars also do not have to be connected to a sound system, just like an electric guitar. It has the capability of producing amazing sound. At the same time, most classical guitars do not have such option.

3. Nylon strings

Since classical guitars are generally strung using nylon strings, you can definitely expect that they are easier on your fingers. This also means that it is very easy for a beginner to start with using a classical guitar.

The Vital Question

As mentioned earlier, there are certain questions that you also have to ask yourself in order to determine the best guitar for you. For example, do you want to be tethered with a sound system, or an expensive amplifier? Do your fingers already have calluses? However, these questions are just the basic ones. The most important, absolutely vital question that you have to ask yourself is this: “Which guitar would inspire me to continue practicing?

This time, we are no longer focusing on the individual features of each guitar, but with your capability to be motivated depending on the type of guitar that you choose to learn playing.

Things to Consider

After answering the question, there are also several other things that you also have to take into consideration.

  • The ultimate choice as to which type of guitar you would like to have heavily depends on the type of sound that you want to produce, as well as the type of music that you want to start playing. For instance, if you are interested in playing classical music, as well as finger style guitar, then you definitely have to choose a classical guitar. However, if you want to have the basic guitar to start with, an acoustic guitar is your best choice.
  • Do your own testing. There are a lot of guitars that you can choose. As a matter of fact, after deciding whether you are getting for yourself an acoustic or a classical guitar, you also have to test according to the brand, as different brand also have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. After all, you definitely do not have to burn a hole in your pocket in finding something that you may not really need.

If you are currently taking lessons, it is highly advisable to ask recommendations from your teacher as to the type of guitar that they would prefer you learning from. Always remember that you always have the option to change guitars, or purchase a second one. Have fun and choose which one that can really inspire you to play music.

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