6 Best Acoustic Guitars for Worship Music (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Acoustic guitars are a popular choice of instruments for worshipers. They offer the best sound quality and feel nice to the touch.

Worshipers play acoustic guitar during worship services in churches around the world. There are many reasons why they need an acoustic guitar, but their primary role is to accompany singing, especially when there is no piano or keyboard present. Acoustic guitars can also be used as a solo instrument that can be heard above other performers’ instruments.

If you don’t know which guitar to choose, then immediately refer to the list of the best acoustic guitars for worship in this article.

What is the Best Acoustic Guitar For Church Worship?

1. Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The Fender FA-115 is a great choice for Worship Music. It has a deep, rich sound with plenty of volume. The dreadnought body style delivers an impressive resonance with its basswood back and sides, spruce tops, and 20-fret walnut fingerboard.

An important part of acoustic guitar design is the hardwood bridge with a compensated saddle. This design helps reduce unwanted vibrations that are transmitted into the instrument’s body and improve its sound quality.

A rounder shoulder on the guitar makes it much more versatile than other guitars with sharp angles, gives the player more comfort and an easier time playing.

2. Little Martin LX1RE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

There are currently Little Martin models made with high-quality material, durable steel to withstand years of playing & practice. They offer a great church acoustic guitar, perfect for all ages and ability levels.

This acoustic electric guitar is built using sustainable wood certified parts, has a mortise and tenond neck joint, non-scalloped X brace and standard tapered neck. It also has chrome-enclosed gear tuners that make it perfect for playing or just looking at!

This guitar is iconic – no two will be the same, but it’s a classic that you’ll enjoy playing whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Martin guitars are handcrafted and are not cheap imitations!

3. Yamaha 6 String Series AC1M

The Yamaha Acoustic Guitar is designed for players who want to sound like they are strumming an electric guitar, but don’t want to carry around that weight. The solid sitka spruce top gives this acoustic guitar a rich, loud sound that feels and plays just like its electric counterpart.

The AC1M is an acoustic guitar with a unique sound that’s suitable for a wide range of music genres. It features a piezo pickup that gives you the best plugged-in performance possible with an acoustic guitar.

This guitar offers a satin mahogany neck with a slim taper profile. The fretboard is made from rosewood, which gives it a warm sound.

4. Ibanez Artwood AW5412JR 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez Artwood AW5412JR acoustic guitar is a great travel guitar that beginner musicians can take on the go. This guitar has a smaller build and some very important features such as appointments, sound quality, and size making it ideal for novice players.

This guitar has a 23.9″ nyatoh neck with 20 fret ovangkol fingerboard and includes a gig bag provides a smooth feel while playing the guitar.

A Dreadnought body is made of solid Okoume, which gives it a great tone. Ovangkol bridge provides easy playability and Ibanez Advantage bridge pins help transfer the string vibration smoothly.

5. Taylor GS Mini-e Rosewood ES-B

The Taylor GS Mini-E RW Rosewood is a perfect option if you’re going to lead the praise and worship. The Taylor Mini is a smaller version of their popular Grand Symphony guitar and offers the same high-quality sound, while being a more manageable size. It’s super fun to play and sounds great in any setting.

The Sitka Spruce top, layered Rosewood back and sides give this instrument its warm sound that is perfect for a wide range of genres.

The Taylor Expression System 2 electronics provide players with more control over their tone and provide them with a dynamic response they can adapt to suit their needs. They have been developed to offer a wider range of musical tones and styles than ever before, so you can now play your favorite tunes like never before.

6. Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha FG800 is a full-sized acoustic guitar with a Solid Sitka spruce top and Nato back & sides that make this guitar sound absolutely amazing.

This guitar offers an affordable option for players looking for the traditional look and sound. It also has upgraded features like an easy playing neck and die-cast tuners.

The Rosewood fingerboard provides a crisp sound for your playing while the rosewood bridge provides great sustain. These are some of the best features on this guitar.

The Yamaha FG800 is designed to be played by both beginners and professionals, with the ability to play chords, scales, and melodies.

7 Things You Should Consider when Buying an Acoustic Guitar for Worship

As you begin to look for an acoustic guitar for worship, there are a few things that you should consider.

  • The material: Some guitars have a mahogany back and sides while others have spruce tops and mahogany back and sides. Mahogany is often a more traditional material in acoustic guitars as it is denser and heavier than spruce which has a tighter grain pattern.
  • The soundboard: This is the top of the guitar where sound resonates and amplifies from the strings being plucked or strummed before being sent to the speaker of your amp or PA system
  • Frets: These are metal strips that run along the neck of the guitar, dividing it into individual frets which players use to produce different notes when they play
  • The sound– There are many different types of acoustics that range from mahogany to spruce and some have electronics built into them to make the sound even better. So you should decide what kind of tone and volume you want your guitar to produce before buying it.
  • Comfortability: If the guitar is not comfortable in your lap or if it is too heavy and difficult to carry around during the whole service; then you will likely be frustrated with carrying it around all day long.
  • Durability: You must know how long the guitar will last before needing a replacement or before it needs repairs. Some guitars may need more care than others due to their materials used.
  • Versatile: Acoustic Guitar for Worship must be versatile. If the congregation wanted to set the service in an open space, you can still lead them with your guitar. You can have a blast playing these guitars during your weekend get-togethers with friends and family.


How do you lead worship on a guitar?

To lead worship on a guitar, you can either play chords or strum the strings. It is important to be able to switch between these two techniques according to the needs of the song. Some songs require that a guitar player strums all of the strings, while others need chords only.

In general, it is not recommended to use both methods in every song because you can’t simultaneously play both chords and strums.

How can I get better at guitar worship?

Guitar worship is a style of playing the guitar with songs which have religious or spiritual meanings.

Guitar worship has been gaining popularity in recent years, but it can be difficult to get good at. In order to learn to play guitar well, you need to practice a lot. Here are some tips that might help you get better at playing guitar:

  • Start by learning songs that are popular and very easy for beginners.
  • Learn your scales – these will help you build progressions and give you more options for solos
  • Look up chord charts on the internet so that you know what chords your song requires


Hopefully this guide has given you a good idea of what you need in a guitar and helped you make an informed decision. There are so many different variables when it comes to music, so we can’t cover every single one of them here.

However, we hope that this helps you narrow down your search and find the best guitars for worship!

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