Best 10.1″ Android Car Stereos: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Car stereos come in a few different sizes. At the bottom is the 7-inch, which seems to be standard for most personal cars. The mid-sized option is the 8-inch, and then everything above that is pretty much considered full sized. A 10.1-inch android car stereo comes with several features that can make driving more convenient and fun.

We have selected and reviewed the best 10.1″ Android car stereos for sale, based on real customer reviews, price, performance and more.

Which Is the Best 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo?

1. BOSS Audio Systems BCPA10

The BOSS Audio Systems BCPA10 is one of the best 10.1″ Android car stereos that allows you to make and receive calls, play and control music and apps like Spotify and Pandora wirelessly. This car stereo system comes with a Bluetooth feature that makes it compatible with your smartphone, tablet, and other devices.

The BOSS Audio System BCPA10 comes with a big and sleek 10.1″ touch screen display that makes navigation easy. You can access your favorite songs, create playlists, connect your smartphone, and control your music with ease.

With this car stereo, you can control the volume and adjust the bass, treble, and balance while listening to music.

There’s also a USB port that allows you to connect a USB device to the BCPA10 for instant access to all of your favorite music. In addition, this car stereo has an in-built preamp for improved audio quality.

2. Binize 10.1 Inch Double Din Touch Screen Car Stereo

The Binize 10.1″ is a great car stereo that has all the necessary features to make driving a pleasure. It’s built with the powerful Android 10 operating system that lets you enjoy all the benefits of Google Play.

It has a capacitive touchscreen display with 10.1 inches of bright HD resolution. The touchscreen can be used to play games, watch movies, or listen to your favorite songs and podcasts.

FM radio and AM radio all work well and have no issues. The steering wheel control allows you to operate your phone while driving and is very easy to use.

The car stereo has a Bluetooth audio system that allows you to stream music directly from your smartphone to the stereo. The audio system can also be used with other devices such as tablets and laptops.

The DSP (EQ) feature allows you to adjust the bass and treble, and there’s even an integrated steering wheel control. For navigation, the integrated GPS module provides offline and online map navigation.

3. Hikity 10.1 Inch Double Din Car Radio

This double din car radio also has a sleek design and a modern appearance that will give you a professional look while driving.

This particular model has a 10.1-inch HD high-sensitivity capacitive touchscreen display, which offers high-definition and clarity when viewing pictures, videos, and surfing the internet. The display will not have any scratches or smudges on it even after years of usage.

It also comes with a built-in Android operating system, a built-in clock, calendar, and it supports Bluetooth for hands-free calling, streaming audio, and much more.

The built-in GPS module allows you to navigate the route to your destination with ease. It also comes with an FM/RDS radio and a memory function.

The car stereo will provide the user with the ability to view the rear and front view cameras by connecting an optional rear view mirror. You can easily control this car stereo by using the steering wheel controls, and there are many other functions that come with it.

4. Kenwood DMX1057XR eXcelon 10.1″ High Definition Car Stereo Receiver

The Kenwood DMX1057XR is a fantastic Android car stereo that comes with all the features and functions you would expect from such a high-end smartphone. This Android car stereo has been designed in a compact and sleek form, but the big display makes it easy to see all the necessary information and adjust your audio settings with one touch.

This is a 10.1-inch HD display that has a capacitive touch panel with 3-way position adjustment. The floating panel mechanism allows you to place this Android car stereo anywhere in the vehicle. Through a wireless connection, Android Auto® technology allows you to make calls, send texts, get directions, and listen to music directly from your phone.

The Android car stereo can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot that can share the internet with your phone, tablet or other devices. You can also use the Android car stereo as a mirroring device, which lets you connect an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or Windows PC to the Android car stereo for viewing and controlling audio.

In addition, the Kenwood DMX1057XR car stereo has four built-in cameras (2 on the front and 2 on the rear), plus an HD radio tuner. These built-in cameras allow you to record your everyday life with videos and pictures, which can be played back on the Android car stereo.

All the features of this Android car stereo make it a top-notch choice, especially for those who are looking for a complete car audio system.

5. ATOTO S8 Premium 10.1 inch Double-DIN Car Stereo

The ATOTO S8 is a very user-friendly Android car stereo that has lots of great features and is built with high quality materials.

This car stereo comes with a very intuitive interface that’s easy to use and navigate through. It has preset 9 EQ modes for a clear and natural sound experience while you’re driving. It also allows you to customize the EQ settings as per your liking.

It also comes with a digital signal processor that improves the clarity of your music and other audio sources. There is a built-in amplifier that boosts the volume of your music and other audio sources.

This car stereo has dual Bluetooth (BT1 5.0 & BT2 4.1) technology that provides high-quality connectivity and range for your mobile phone. This allows you to play music from your mobile phone, and it will also allow you to make and receive calls hands-free.

The full HD 10.1-inch 1280*720 5-touch capacitive touchscreen allows you to have a clearer and more accurate viewing experience when driving. This will make your navigation experience easier and more intuitive.

You can also customize your screen with various widgets, apps, and games that make it even more convenient and interesting. You can also mirror your phone onto the screen for a better and clearer viewing experience.

The car stereo is also equipped with a GPS receiver for you to get directions easily and quickly. It also allows you to sync with your smartphone for even more convenience and ease.

Overall, the ATOTO S8 is an excellent car stereo for those who want a convenient and easy-to-use Android car stereo.

6. Vanku Single Din 10.1 Inch Car Stereo

Vanku is a Chinese brand that’s become quite popular in the last few years. Their products are generally affordable, reliable, and have a high quality build.

In this case, the Vanku Single Din 10.1 Inch Car Stereo is no exception. It has a lot of standard features, like a 10.1″ display, GPS navigation, backup camera, steering wheel control, etc.

But what really sets it apart is its excellent sound quality. The 10.1″ screen is a large screen, but it’s still clear and sharp. It’s perfect for watching videos, playing games, and doing other activities.

The sound quality is also excellent. It has four speakers that produce a crisp, clear sound. It’s great for listening to music or podcasts while driving, or watching movies. The stereo also has an amplifier that helps you enjoy better sound.

For navigation, it has built-in GPS with a 6.0″ touchscreen display, so you can navigate with ease and get directions to anywhere you need to go.

You can enjoy the music without the distraction of a screen. The sound is clear and loud. Even when you’re using the navigation feature, you’ll still hear the music perfectly.

It has an AM/FM radio with RDS support and a digital tuner, so you can enjoy listening to all the music you want. It also has Bluetooth for hands-free calling.

7. Vanku 10.1” Android 10 Double Din Car Stereo

With a beautiful and elegant appearance, the Vanku 10.1” Android 10 double din car stereo is made with an aluminum alloy shell, and the body of the car stereo is covered by a special tempered glass. It is an extremely convenient and convenient product.

With a larger screen, the user can play music, surf the internet, watch movies and play games with a comfortable experience. Besides, the car stereo can support the Bluetooth function to ensure the connection between the car stereo and the mobile phone, and the car stereo can work in the car with the car stereo system and the mobile phone at the same time.

It supports 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and has a microSD card slot to expand its memory.

It supports a range of colors and a variety of input methods, including 4G/LTE, Bluetooth, and WiFi. It can connect to Android Auto and other systems, such as Google Maps and Waze.

The Vanku can support Android Auto and AutoPlay, and it can also be connected to a USB Dongle. When it is connected to a USB Dongle, it can be used as a media player and a USB hard drive.

8. XTRONS 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo Radio Player

The new Xtronons is the most advanced car radios on the market, with a stunning display, a Quad-core processor, a high resolution 10.1 inch IPS panel, and more.

With a wide 178° viewing angle, you can enjoy the full view of your Android mobile phone on the car’s screen. This allows you to play videos or watch movies directly on the car’s screen.

You’ll get an easy to operate dashboard with a built-in steering wheel control. It supports all Android phones and tablets, so you can control all your devices easily.

This player has an impressive feature set that you won’t find in any other car radio in this price range. Its built-in FM tuner is one of the best, and it’ll play most songs you throw at it. It has a quad-core processor, which helps to ensure smooth playback.

It also has the Dual Zone function, so you can listen to music on both the front and back seats. This is great if you’re in the mood to listen to music while driving.

What makes this model so great is its Quad-core processor, which can run more powerful applications than the previous models. It also has Bluetooth technology, so you can play music or listen to radio stations without having to move your hands.

If you’re looking for the best 10.1″ Android car stereo with a stunning display and easy operation, the Xtronons is definitely a good choice for you.

9. Liehuzhekeji Double Din Car Stereo Radio Receiver

Liehuzhekeji Double DIN Car Stereo Radio Receiver comes with an elegant and high-end design. This receiver is a perfect fit for any car, especially those that have a built-in navigation system.

With a 10.1″ HD capacitive touch screen, it’s a perfect choice for those who love to browse the web while driving. The 2.5D IPS glass and full touch buttons make the screen easy to use and navigate.

The stereo has a high-quality Bluetooth connection and supports all the major brands, such as Apple, Google, and Amazon. This is great for those who have multiple devices and want to stream music from them.

Besides, it has a rear view camera that can be used for parking assistance. This is a must-have feature for those who have a rear camera on their cars.

The receiver also has a GPS navigation system that works perfectly with your car’s built-in navigation system. This is a great choice for those who travel often and need to find their way easily.

Last but not least, the stereo has an EQ setting, so you can customize the sound according to your needs.

10. NHOPEEW 10.1 inch Single Din Android Touchscreen Car Stereo

NHOPEEW is a very reliable brand, with a long track record of providing high-quality products. We were impressed with the build quality and features of this model, which is a big step up from the previous model.

The NHOPEEW has a built-in 10.1 inch screen, which is a clear and bright display. The display is capable of displaying text and images in a crisp and clear manner. You can even control the music, navigation, and other features on the screen with a simple touch of the screen.

This unit also features an HD waterproof night vision backup camera, which is great for keeping you and others safe when you’re navigating at night. With the built-in Wi-Fi, you can also get turn-by-turn directions, so you’ll never miss a turn again.

There’s also a USB adapter built in, which means you can connect it to a variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. And with a double USB input, you can connect two devices at the same time.

Things to Consider When Looking to Buy the Best 10.1 Android Car Stereo

Let’s talk about a few things you should take into consideration before making your purchase. If you’re struggling to find a sufficient 10.1 Android car stereo, this guide will help you with that process.

Vehicle Fit

Before you start shopping for a unit, you should consider the vehicle in which you plan on installing your radio. The last thing you need is to drop money on something that won’t fit in your car. Before you buy a new car, make sure you read the specs to make sure it doesn’t cause problems later. New cars from different manufacturers are a little different in size.

When you look at installing a 10.1 Android car stereo, understanding how it will fit in your car is very important. When you pull this off, you’re making a solid investment that can last you for years on end. This decision will directly affect your experience while driving, so it’s important to leave room for error and make sure your purchase will last.

Double DIN or single DIN?

There are two sizes of vehicle stereo head units: single DIN and double DIN. Single DIN means that the face of the stereo is less wide than a double DIN; the compact size makes it ideal for a small car or an SUV.

However, this feature makes the stereo’s screen size smaller, only 2-3 inches. Double DIN has a bigger face, which means it can have a bigger screen and cover more areas of your dash.

The size of your current stereo is the most obvious indicator, but if you’re putting in a new head unit, it’ll likely be closer to double-DIN size either way. Your goal is to leave enough room for the touchscreen controller of your new 10.1 android car stereo without having to take up too much space.


The display quality is something you’ll quickly notice. If your new head unit doesn’t have a great display, you’ll end up being disappointed. It’s one of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing a new head unit, so you shouldn’t overlook it.

The last thing you want is for the display to be blurry and grainy. That won’t help at all when trying to navigate through your touchscreen. It will make everything more difficult, and possibly cause some frustration.

Manufacturers often market the size of a display, but it’s the resolution that matters most. Don’t be wooed by words like “10.1 touchscreen.” Look closely at the resolution to get a clear idea of its quality.

Bluetooth, USB Ports

The 10.1 Android car stereo should have a USB port for playing music or charging your phone in the vehicle. Bluetooth is the easiest way to connect your device to your stereo. With this simple plug-in, you will be able to play music through the speakers and hear all of your GPS instructions and phone calls.

Power Output

The power output that your chosen android car stereo will give you can really affect how well your stereo performs in your car. The higher the wattage output, the better your stereo will be overall. This means bigger speakers, louder volumes, and better sound quality.

Not only that, but if you live in an area where there is a lot of electromagnetic interference (such as a big city, for example), then high power outputs will get rid of that interference and improve performance overall.


Do I Need a Touch Screen for Android Auto?

Touch screens are one of the defining features of Android Auto and have been since it was first launched. However, that doesn’t mean they’re a necessity for all users. In fact, if you don’t mind giving up some customization options in the process, there is an option with almost all the same features as a touch screen, using your car’s own display.

Can You Use SiriusXM on Android Auto?

Yes, Android users can now use the SiriusXM app in their cars. If you have Android Auto on your car, you can now use the satellite radio company’s app on your phone.

Getting SiriusXM on your Android device has never been easier. Head over to the Google Play Store and download the app for free. From there, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a 30-day trial of SiriusXM All Access with more than 150 channels, including commercial-free music, plus sports, news, and entertainment.

What Map Apps Work with Android Auto?

The main map apps that work with Android Auto are Google Maps and Waze. Both of these apps are free to download and use. They can be used on the phone or via Android Auto.

Google Maps has been around since the first days of Android and is one of the best map apps out there. It’s easy to use, has a simple interface, and offers a lot of features for casual users as well as those looking for advanced info like traffic data or walking/driving directions.

Waze is another very popular navigation app owned by Google. The unique thing about Waze is that it uses real-time information provided by other users on the road, so you’re always getting up-to-date info about what’s happening ahead. However, because it has to process so much user-generated data, it can sometimes lag behind Google Maps in features and performance on older phones.


Thanks for taking some time to go through our buyer’s guide. We hope it helped point you in the right direction when picking out the best 10.1-inch Android car stereo for your needs.

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